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Text-to-speech on Windows Phone

Posted by BPuhl on October 5, 2011

Got Mango installed on my Windows Phone and am loving it.  By far, my favorite feature is the speech-to-text and text-to-speech for instant messages.  The other night, taking my dog out for a walk with my phone in a jacket pocket.  RunKeeper was following our progress and using GPS to make a map of the track that we took, and I had a bunch of Zune pass downloaded music playing into my bluetooth headset.  When a new instant message came in, the music paused, the phone read me the message, I said “reply” and spoke my response, and then said “send” and off it went – then the music started playing again.  No need to touch my phone.


One quirk that I wanted to share though.  When I get a phone, the first thing I do is put the ringer on vibrate and turn off all the sounds.  Turns out that you MUST have the ringer on, for text-to-speech to read your IM’s.  My solution?  I downloaded a 2 second mp3 of silence to my music library, tagged the file in the Zune software as Ringtone, sync’d it to my phone, and then set it as the default ringer.  Ahhh…peace and quiet again.


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