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Zune Warranty Coolness

Posted by BPuhl on September 25, 2008

Second Zune post in as many days – Wasn’t intentional, but the FedEx guy just stopped by and I thought this was too cool not to blog about!


For Christmas 2007, I got Sammi an 8GB, hot pink Zune from http://zuneoriginals.net with the “Love 2” (butterfly’s and hearts) engraved on the back and “Sammi Puhl, Christmas 2007, Love Mom and Dad” on the back.  Not a bad right? 

Bad news:  This past spring, it was stolen by some kids at school. 
Good news: She knew who did it, and it didn’t take long for me to arrange with the other parent to get it back. 
Bad news:  In the meantime, “someone” had taken a screwdriver/knife/something and scratched the text off the back

So for the past many months, there has been a small piece of tape on the back of her Zune, covering the scratches, and she used/abused the thing like crazy.  Loves it.

Bad news:  It started to break.  I tried all of the firmware/software resets, including e-mailing back and forth with Zune support, but it looks like a hardware issue.
Good news:  Under Warranty still!  – Went to http://service.zune.net, filled out the form online, and printed out the confirmation sheet

This is where it got interesting, because the support site didn’t include any address to send the Zune to.  Instead, a few days later, a pre-paid FedEx package designed and built to protect the Zune in transit showed up.  Off on it’s way it went…

Fast forward about 2 1/2 weeks…

Last night, Sammi asked me whether I had heard anything about here Zune.  “Nope, I can go online and check tomorrow though.”  Then I went to set her expectations appropriately, and explained what “refurbished” means – since that’s what I was expecting to show up.

This morning:  FedEx shows up with a box from Zune Originals.  In the box was a brand new Zune, with the original design, AND THE ORIGINAL TEXT!  Woo hoo!!!!

This may have been what some of you would have assumed, but having worked in customer service for way too many years, I tend to set my expectations pretty low, and am usually just pleased when everything works.

This is awesome!  I’m ecstatic with the flawless way that this worked out and that they sent us back a brand new one with all the text! I don’t think this could have been any better or gone any smoother.




(Same note as last time: 
To the iPod folks:  Comments are appreciated, especially the ones describing your awesome experiences.  As a general rule I don’t delete/edit comments, but any comments of, “You should have bought an iPod”, aren’t going to make it because that’s just lame)


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Ms. Wizard – A Science Experiment

Posted by BPuhl on March 14, 2008

Ok, well, maybe this isn’t exactly a science experiment.  More of an editorial on cause and effect.  Actually, what this really started out as, was a place for me to vent all of the anger and frustration at my teenage daughter, which had built up as I had my head inside of the dryer, sucking fumes of Isopropyl Alcohol with my lungs on fire.

but that’s probably getting a little ahead of myself. 

After spending some time outside, clearing my head and lungs of the noxious fumes, pondering on all of the ways in which to dispose of her body, it started to occur to me that maybe it wasn’t intentional…wasn’t malicious…and didn’t really even have anything to do with the fact that she’s a teenager.  In the end, I decided it must have just been dumb, bad luck.

After all…who hasn’t, at some time in their past, left a pen in the pocket of jeans or a sweatshirt when they washed it.  Right?  In fact, I can distinctly remember several times, moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer, and finding a pen lying on the bottom of the tub.  Toss that one in the trash.

So what kind of luck does it take for this pen to make it into the dryer?  Not a huge stretch of the imagination.  Done that before too.  But I have NEVER, EVER for the life of me, EVER heard of a pen in the dryer with some clothes EXPLODING like this goddamn thing did!


Everything in the dryer at the time, got ink all over it, and then the dryer “caked on” the ink to the inside of the barrel.


Tried soap and water.  Nope.  Tried Gunk-Off.  Nope.  Tried 409.  Nope.

Ahhh, but rubbing alcohol, that worked like a somewhat-lucky-sort-of-half-assed-but-still-got-most-of-it-off charm!

So the answer to the question ladies in gentleman, is that THIS is how I ended up with my head stuck in a dryer wiping down the inside with rubbing alcohol.

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