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Actually…. It seems pretty accurate….

Posted by BPuhl on March 17, 2010

Scott Berkun recently blogged that “Cloud Computing is a bad metaphore”.  His reasons are:

  • Clouds are fleeting. They don’t last long.
  • Clouds are vague and open to wide interpretation. No one sees the same thing when they look up at clouds.  (“Do you see Darth Vader’s nose?” “No… oh do you mean the leg of the camel sitting under a tree?” “What Camel?” “Nevermind”)
  • Clouds often bring rain, lightening and cold wind.
  • You can’t see the sky, or the stars, when the clouds are out.
  • When someone has ill-formed ideas, we say their thinking is cloudy.
  • Clouds, and the weather, are unpredictable.

    Gotta say, that with my experience so far…actually… it’s pretty accurate…


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