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Posted by BPuhl on January 19, 2010

If you were any more short-sighted, you’d be looking into the past!”


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  1. Nice blog i like the post and enjoyed a lot

  2. Jack Kohn said

    One of the latest things I’ve seen on facebook that makes me cringe is an app that tells you what words you use most frequently in your posts. People post the results because they find them amusing. (“Gee, I thought I’d mention my dog’s name more often than my husband’s! Lol! And I sure like my ___ coffee more than I thought!”)

    I haven’t gone anywhere near the app myself, but I’m sure its license agreement allows them to use this indexed info for whatever purposes they choose. There’s your spies right there. (“I’ve seen the enemy and it is us.”)

    Let’s hope the app writers feel there’s more profit to be made selling the info to corporations than on the black market.

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