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AD Admin Center

Posted by BPuhl on August 29, 2009

Anyone else started to play with the new Active Directory Administrative Center in the Windows 7 RSAT tools yet?  Here are my first impressions:

  • Much easier to deal with multiple domains, especially when you’re looking to get to the FOO OU that’s buried 3 deep into each of 8 domains
  • How can I make it load faster?
  • I’ve been trained for so long, to type DSA.MSC to get to ADUC, that it never occurred to me that D, S, and A are a roll of the left hand fingers across the keyboard.  Now it’s DSAC.MSC, and I’m constantly entertained at how my fingers just refuse to get in that last “C”
  • hVery annoyed that it’s actually NOT dsac.msc like I just said, but instead it’s DSAC.EXE – seriously? EXE? More training

Still need to play with it some more to figure it out, but I’m working on a project now where I needed to deal with a bunch of OU’s across multiple domains, so the ability to add starting nodes was uber-helpful – 2 thumbs up!


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