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Finding the SQL server ADFS is using

Posted by BPuhl on August 6, 2009

* This post applies to the Beta 2 release of ADFS and may or may not apply to the final product *


This was harder than I thought it should be, until I found out that there aren’t 2 administrative interfaces for ADFS, but rather there are 3!  You can either use the console on the ADFS server itself, the Powershell commandlets, or you can use WMI to gather data about the server. 

So if you want to figure out which SQL server your ADFS web server is using as it’s policy store, here you go:

PS C:\> Get-WmiObject -Namespace "Root\MicrosoftIdentityServer" -class SecurityTokenService
__GENUS                          : 2
__CLASS                          : SecurityTokenService
__SUPERCLASS                     :
__DYNASTY                        : SecurityTokenService
__RELPATH                        : SecurityTokenService=@
__PROPERTY_COUNT                 : 3
__DERIVATION                     : {}
__SERVER                         : DSP20A61
__NAMESPACE                      : Root\MicrosoftIdentityServer
__PATH                           : \\DSP20A61\Root\MicrosoftIdentityServer:SecurityTokenService=@
EventLogLevel                    : 63
PolicyStoreAdministrationAddress : net.pipe://localhost/policy
PolicyStoreConnectionAddress     : Data Source=DSP20A61\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=GenevaPolicyStore;Integrated Security=True

Yes, I have asked that this specific bit of information be made slightly more accessible, so the request is in.  We’ll see if it makes the cut when the product ships, but more important is to know that in general, you can use WMI to get at some of the configuration information.


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