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AD in the Perimeter Network

Posted by BPuhl on April 27, 2009

A new whitepaper has been published providing the guidance you need to deploy Active Directory, and specifically RODC’s, in a “Perimeter Network” (the network segment formerly known as DMZ).

I know that a lot of folks have come to me, asking for help/guidance on putting RODC’s into the DMZ rather than putting full DC’s or having a separate forest.  This should provide the information you need to keep safe, secure, and most of all…functional.

Some of the topics include:
•         Security considerations and configurations for RODCs in the DMZ 
•         Network configurations for RODCs
•         Application compatibility with RODCs in the DMZ
•         Step by step instructions and a sample script to help perform domain join using RODCs



Brandon pointed out to me, that the doc is nice, but having a downloadable version would be much nicer.  We fired off a quick mail, and there will be a downloadable version of the document in the download center in the near future.


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