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Happy Birthday Redmond.Corp.Microsoft.Com

Posted by BPuhl on April 9, 2009

10 years ago, Microsoft’s largest internal domain was upgraded to Windows 2000 becoming the first production Active Directory, and it’s still going strong…

Dn: DC=redmond,DC=corp,DC=microsoft,DC=com
   whenCreated: 4/9/1999 7:49:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time;


10 Responses to “Happy Birthday Redmond.Corp.Microsoft.Com”

  1. Mike Kline said

    Man you all are ahead of the game, by years. What is that domain at now Windows 2008 DFL?

    Take off early today to celebrate 🙂

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  3. BPuhl said

    Thanks Mike, yeah, it’s fun to play with new toys.

    REDMOND is at 2008 DFL today with most of our servers running 2008 R2… REDMOND will be going to 2008 R2 DFL sometime before it ships…

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  5. FrancisO said

    Brian Puhl recently wrote about the 10th anniversary of Microsoft’s first production AD domain. Directory Services Consulting

  6. Lee Flight said

    Any idea what the oldest production Active Directory domain/forest is? We (University of Leicester UK) have [whenCreated: 03/30/1999 10:41:04 GMT Standard Time;]

    • BPuhl said

      The oldest production Active Directory domain is our internal NTDev domain (still in production today)

      whenCreated: 1/7/1999 9:32:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time;

  7. Tom Maher said

    I was on an AD DS workshop at Reading last month and the instructor treated us to a blast from the past with a video of just this event. Seeing the guy who actually *wrote* DCPROMO standing at the rack-face through the night with the sys admins put a whole new slant on “dog-fooding” for me.

  8. tigermatt said

    Do you mean you’ve not yet seen enough traffic through the domain to run out of RIDs? *grin*

    Happy Birthday Redmond — albeit this being a little belated!

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