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3-D as an Afterthought

Posted by BPuhl on February 22, 2009

So it’s really tough to find something that can be moderately entertaining to a 16 year old, appropriate for the 4 year old, and not bore the snot out of the adults.  So far the options have pretty much limited themselves to bowling, or Pixar movies. 

Took a chance this afternoon, and we all loaded up to go see Coraline in 2-D.  This isn’t really a movie review, because seriously – Coraline?  But hey, it had a chance.

What is interesting though, is the current rash of 3-D movies that are coming out again.  In this case, we had the option of seeing “Coraline in 3D”, or just regular 2D.  Well, we thought we had the option but the 3D version started 10 minutes ago, and the 2D version started in half an hour, so 2D it was.

Sitting there though, it was obvious that this wasn’t a movie that was built around 3D.  Instead, it was a 2D movie with a couple of gratuitous scenes where they very obviously (even in 2D) drew in extra bits and pieces that would pop out of the screen in the 3D version.

I guess I’m just used to 3D in the “intentional” kind of way.  Usually when it’s been a trip to Disneyland, or someplace similar – starting way back when with Captain E-O, and more recently with the Bugs Life and similar movies that were actually made to be shown 3D.

Like I said, I didn’t really have huge expectations for the movie to begin with.  But it’s annoying when it’s so ridiculously obvious that they made the movie, and then after the fact, the marketing department told the artists to go back in and add some bugs popping out so they could market it in multiple dimensions.


2 Responses to “3-D as an Afterthought”

  1. Jon said

    Yep. I saw one of the more recent Superman movies in 3d at the IMAX theater, and seeing it on the big screen was cool, but they added the 3d parts right at the point where there was some buildup of action – like when he first leaps a big field in a single bound, and flies – which basically means that right before something interesting is going to happen that they’ve been building up to for 20 minutes, the screen flashes “Put on your glasses” at the top and bottom just before it, you have to disconnect from the movie, put the damn things on, watch the one scene that has the cool part in it, then take them off again. Extremely effective way to ruin the best parts of the movie.

  2. Laura said

    In a similar vein, I got really annoyed with The Incredibles at one point (which is a shame since it’s almost a perfect movie otherwise) because one scene should’ve just been subtitled “We’ve Purpose-Built a Scene for the Video Game Tie-In, People!” and been done with it. I think it was the scene where Dash was running on water and avoiding the Evil Henchmen Spaceship Things.

    (And just for fun sometime? Put “Jaws 3” in your Netflix queue – watching a really cheesy movie that actually -was- made for 3-D, being squished back into 2-D? Painfully funny.)

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