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Win7 Client Beta

Posted by BPuhl on January 25, 2009

I’ve been running Win7 Beta on my laptop for a couple of weeks now.  In general, I can’t say enough about how much faster the machine is, especially booting up. 

Here’s some helpful hints that I’ve come across, some of them mine, others that have been pointed out for me:

MSN Messenger – If you want it back in the notification tray, which is where I’m used to it being – right click the shortcut and run in Vista compat mode.

RSAT Tools – Get them here, after you run the install you need to go to Programs and Features to turn them on

Show Desktop – It’s that extra box at the far right of the task bar, on the other side of the notification tray

Powershell v2 – It’s there – and it’s awesome.

About the only thing that I’ve decided I miss (and I haven’t gone back to figure out if it’s possible to change yet), is Sidebar.  Sidebar is still there, you just run the gadgets on the desktop.  But I really liked the ability to dock gadgets into an area that represented the edge of “full screen” when other windows were maximized.  I have started to get used to a partially compensating UI quirk though, which is that if you take a window and drag the top of it to the top of your screen, the bottom fills out to the bottom of your screen for you.  So it’s vertically maximized.


One Response to “Win7 Client Beta”

  1. Deano said

    Attempt #2 [and possibly some dupes] / beta products … sheesh [ironic really] :0)

    RE: MSN, you’re the 2nd person I’ve heard mention that. I don’t suffer the issue and never have so I’m guessing it’s a result of the fact that this Win7 build is either newer and fixed or because I upgraded it from Vista (probably the latter.)

    RE: window docking: yeah, not sure if I like that. It does at least restore it’s natural position and dimensions when you move it away so that’s good. Also works for left/right edges of screen (tried it on bottom and it buried the window beneath the Taskbar – not easy to click there so required keyboard trickery to restore position)

    Here’s a few of my fav new features –

    1. (Windows key) + (left/right/up/down arrows) docks/moves focused window around desktop … especially useful on multi-mon machines. Experiment with Windows+modifier keys, i.e. shift or alt or ctrl, to subtley alter that behavior in other useful ways.

    2. Hold shift down while dropping the Send To sub-menu in Explorer on say a file or a folder to reveal a more complete selection of drop-targets (bug? not sure on that one)

    3. If an app is either loaded or pinned and, therefore, displayed in the new Task Bar, try these –

    = SHIFT+click it to get a new instance
    = CTRL+click it to cycle focus between instances
    = CTRL+SHIFT click it to run the new instance elevated
    = click it to preview loaded instances
    – hover over instances for full screen preview
    = right click it or left click + drag-up to see document history (personally I like that latter simply ’cause it’s cool)

    4. hover over the ‘Show Desktop’ button to the right of the clock to preview the desktop

    5. Create a new library and ‘play’ — darned useful

    … /Deano

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