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Blogvertising? Commentvertising? Comment-o-blogvertising?

Posted by BPuhl on October 14, 2008

If you have a blog, what’s your policy on commenter’s who either blatantly, or very-suspiciously are advertising via comments on your blog?

I noticed this about a month ago, when the following comment appeared in one of my posts:

Kristofer Younger
http://research.epokinc.com/blog | kris@epok.net |

Very valuable information to us and our customers. We deal with extranet sharing with our product, and users are constantly worried about the legal aspects of trust within federation applications. Thanks for some great pointers. -K

From A kinder, gentler federation agreement, 2008/09/17 at 6:51 AM

This was obviously an advertisement for their product, but at that point I decided that it would be new “new policy” that I wasn’t going to filter or edit comments, unless they were obviously spam – this was close, but I figured what the heck.

Today though, a much more subtle comment came through:

New comment on your post #212 “Zune Warranty Coolness”
Author : Josh (IP: , ausisaw2k3ps304-dmz.aus.amer.dell.com)
E-mail : njosh@gmail.com
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=

Sweet story! really neat that they sent a box for it to be sent back in and sent you a new one, sound like a really smooth operation. Had the same service for my Dell laptop and was extremely please with how easy it was. love it when companies really go out of their way to make warranties easy

You can see all comments on this post here:


This seemed innocent enough, except look at the reverse lookup for the IP address.  This guy is coming from behind the Dell proxies!  Suddenly this seemingly innocent comment just became a blogvertisement for Dell.

I’m not sure whether I should just filter these as spam (probably), just not allow them, or just let them through.  But in either case, I’ve realized that due to the nature of the comments, I don’t feel any guilt at all about posting their e-mail or IP addresses in this post…


5 Responses to “Blogvertising? Commentvertising? Comment-o-blogvertising?”

  1. I delete it all, though I doubt I would have gone and looked up the reverse on something that could be legit like the Dell post.

  2. BPuhl said

    fortunately the e-mails that I get for comment notification, include the reverse lookup. I am way to lazy to have gone and looked that up on my own

  3. Tomek said

    I treat such comments like spam and I’m filtering it out.

  4. Laura said

    Ditto that. I have zero tolerance for blog SPAM, and in my mind blog-vertising crosses that line. I delete with impunity.

  5. joe said

    Ditto too, I spam them with akismet and hope others do the same and stop them from getting very far on any wordpress blogs using akismet.

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