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Windows 7 now called Windows 7?

Posted by BPuhl on October 13, 2008

Mike Nash just posted on the Windows Vista Blog site that the new release name for the upcoming client release of Windows 7 will be Windows 7.

I’m glad that the marketing powers decided to keep it simple and straightforward, rather than some of the brand names that we’ve come up with in the past (Zune or Live anyone?). 

That’s not to say that I could do any better though.  When Shakespeare asked “What’s in a name”, he obviously hadn’t spent nearly a week in meetings trying to come to agreement on the DNS name of a new forest…

I’m also really happy that the client OS doesn’t have an “R2” like the server OS’s have had, after all – what would you call that, 7.1 or 8?


2 Responses to “Windows 7 now called Windows 7?”

  1. Robert Singers said

    How about Windows 7 Oops! Or Windows 7 Doh!

  2. Laura said

    As was just pointed out on ActiveDir, it would likely be “Windows 7.11 for Workgroups”. 🙂

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