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Server 2008 on my Laptop

Posted by BPuhl on July 17, 2008

Good:  Server 2008 ROCKS as a laptop!  Follow the instructions here for making all the tweaks, and it turns out that this is a kick-ass platform for day-to-day work.  So far on my HP NC8430, running x64, and using Gil’s steps to install Bluetooth, I’ve had great experience with everything from running Visual Studio (so I could play with Zermatt) to managing my Zune and using Sidebar.

Bad:  Sure, there are some silly little things, like that fact that the s****d a** f*****g Live installer won’t install on “server” SKU’s, so you need to find all the individual installers for Live Messenger and Live Writer yourself…  But once you have them, they install just fine and work great!

Ugly:  Configured the role for Hyper-visor today, and it turns out that “by design”, the Hyper-V team decided that they would graciously disable the ability to sleep and hibernate in the OS.  FYI PEOPLE:  YOU GUYS SUCK!


But so far, running Server 2008 on my laptop has been awesome.

I will say though, one thing that I miss is the ability to use Stardock Logon Studio to change my logon screen.  Yeah, seems silly, but boring blue is just…so…well…boring…and blue…  That was one of the nice things in Vista, which doesn’t seem to work on 2008. 


2 Responses to “Server 2008 on my Laptop”

  1. Laura said

    Wow, tell us how you really feel about that Live installer.

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