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Ch. 1 – RODC Deployment Guide now available on Technet

Posted by BPuhl on June 6, 2008

From GregoireG (Directory Service Program Manager):

After shipping the RODC compatibility pack for Win2K3 and XP a few weeks ago, we shipped today the 1st chapter of the RODC Guide, which is meant to be the authoritative piece of documentation for our customers to decide if, when and how to use RODCs.

You can find the guide on technet, under the AD DS tree. Here is a link to it (don’t hesitate to share it!): http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=120840

Some of you may have noticed that I said “1st chapter”; this is because the guide that we’re releasing today is generic to any usage scenario of RODC, and we’ll add in the coming months additional chapters that correspond to more specific scenarios where RODCs are going to be used; the proposed structure is:

Chapter 2: RODC in branch offices

Chapter 3: RODC in segmented networks (DMZ)

Chapter 4: RODC on internet


2 Responses to “Ch. 1 – RODC Deployment Guide now available on Technet”

  1. […] to Microsoft IT’s Brian Phul, this is the first chapter of the RODC guide. Posted in Active Directory Domain Services. Tags: […]

  2. […] found by going to the following link: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=120840. According to Brian Puhl’s post, this is the first chapter in the RODC […]

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