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Logging in…

Posted by BPuhl on April 20, 2008

Fair warning, I don’t really expect this post to contain much substance (not that many of my posts do..but this time I know it)

Basically, this is just a simple rant about how hard it apparently is for me to deal with a changing pattern.  See, I’ve been logging into Windows workstations for a long time.  You walk up, hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE, type your PASSWORD, pound ENTER and poof, you’re in (note that I’m not making comments on when the desktop loads, or anything like that…just that “you’re in”)

But since I enjoy the taste of dogfood, and we’re running beta versions of Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” internally, I of course had to install the ILM2 client which enables the self service password reset portal.  Very cool, feature, basically when you log in the first time, you’re prompted with a series of questions that can be fed back to you as challenges when you click the “reset password” that is added under the password dialog on the Vista logon screen.

So here’s my pattern issue though.  Once the client is installed (at least the beta version), first you punch CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and you’re presented with the “select user account” screen, which requires an ENTER, and then the PASSWORD, and then ENTER again.  Do you have any idea how screwed up that extra ENTER is when you’re logging on?

To make matters worse, the LCD display on my desk has a nice long warm-up time from when I first start punching keys to when it decides that it’s going to wake up.  I had adjusted to this though, because I’ve always known that I could walk up, hit the right combo of keys and password, and by the time the screen lit up, my desktop would be showing.  Of course, without the extra ENTER, I’m all screwed up.

It took substantially longer than it probably should have though, for me to get used to the extra ENTER, but hey, I adapted (finally), and life is all good now.  Well, at least I thought it was…except last week, I uninstalled the client component.  And what happened?  That damn 2nd ENTER just disappeared on me, and now I’m back to normal C+A+D+PW+ENTER behavior!

How frustrating do you think this is?  Well it’s been kicking my ass for damn near a week now, so apparently it’s frustrating enough that I decided to write a blog post about it… 

I sincerely hope that in some pre-RTM version of the client, they fix that bug…  I don’t think anyone realized how ridiculously obnoxious changing this simple behavior could be.


One Response to “Logging in…”

  1. Laura said

    Wow, I’d bug the hell out of that “feature”. We’re talking about a decade’s worth of collective C+A+D+PW+ENTER muscle memory, people will be cursing outloud every time they log onto a box. One hopes that one won’t make it out of UAT.

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