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Ms. Wizard – A Science Experiment

Posted by BPuhl on March 14, 2008

Ok, well, maybe this isn’t exactly a science experiment.  More of an editorial on cause and effect.  Actually, what this really started out as, was a place for me to vent all of the anger and frustration at my teenage daughter, which had built up as I had my head inside of the dryer, sucking fumes of Isopropyl Alcohol with my lungs on fire.

but that’s probably getting a little ahead of myself. 

After spending some time outside, clearing my head and lungs of the noxious fumes, pondering on all of the ways in which to dispose of her body, it started to occur to me that maybe it wasn’t intentional…wasn’t malicious…and didn’t really even have anything to do with the fact that she’s a teenager.  In the end, I decided it must have just been dumb, bad luck.

After all…who hasn’t, at some time in their past, left a pen in the pocket of jeans or a sweatshirt when they washed it.  Right?  In fact, I can distinctly remember several times, moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer, and finding a pen lying on the bottom of the tub.  Toss that one in the trash.

So what kind of luck does it take for this pen to make it into the dryer?  Not a huge stretch of the imagination.  Done that before too.  But I have NEVER, EVER for the life of me, EVER heard of a pen in the dryer with some clothes EXPLODING like this goddamn thing did!


Everything in the dryer at the time, got ink all over it, and then the dryer “caked on” the ink to the inside of the barrel.


Tried soap and water.  Nope.  Tried Gunk-Off.  Nope.  Tried 409.  Nope.

Ahhh, but rubbing alcohol, that worked like a somewhat-lucky-sort-of-half-assed-but-still-got-most-of-it-off charm!

So the answer to the question ladies in gentleman, is that THIS is how I ended up with my head stuck in a dryer wiping down the inside with rubbing alcohol.


One Response to “Ms. Wizard – A Science Experiment”

  1. Laura said

    My recurring dryer faux pas involves pieces of paper that I folded up into a jeans pocket and forgot about. Doesn’t call for a hazmat team post-cleanup, luckily, but certainly makes for an interesting explosion of fluff when the dryer door opens. 🙂

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