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Comparing TripIt vs. Dopplr – TripIt Wins

Posted by BPuhl on January 25, 2008

Seems like the minute that someone has a good idea, along come a bunch of other people with the same idea.  Now, I have no idea which site for travel came first, TripIt or Dopplr, but they both came into my world at darn near the same time.  First, I was reading a blog post talking about how great TripIt is for frequent travelers.  Then within a day, I received an invitation from Pamela inviting me to use Dopplr.  So of course, a side-by-side comparison was required.


Proving yet again that we’ve entered the MySpace [1] age of the internet, the point of Dopplr was to let users manage their travel itineraries while mostly focusing on letting you share you schedule with your list of Dopplr-Friends.  Because I travel quite a bit, it’s pretty cool to me to find out (before hand) whether I’m going to be in the same place as friends.  Unfortunately, you have to manually add your trips.


TripIt is built for consolidating travel schedules into a single, easy to read place.  Very important for the frequent traveller, who is trying to keep hotel, car, train, and airline reservations straight for multiple trips at a time.  The primary benefit of tripit, is it’s continually evolving ability to interpret the e-mails which the various reservation systems send out, and automagically import those into it’s system.  For example, you take your itinerary as sent to you by the airline, and simply forward it to plans@tripit.com and it’s automatically added.  Unfortunately, it’s only “your” trips, and you can’t correlate with your friends.


I’m sure many others have as well, but many months back I submitted feeback to both sites, praising the design of the other and hoping for a merger (or at least poaching) of technologies.  Well, I’m happy to announce that TripIt has the friends options which will allow me to reconcile travel plans with any other friends who use their system.

Now, can I convince Pam to join TripIt?  (Oh yeah, and I love the fact, that to “join”, simply involves forwarding your first itinerary to plans@tripit.com.  If your e-mail addy wasn’t previously registered – ie. first time users – then they provision an account and reply back to you with a verification link.  Now THAT’s the way to go)



[1] – BTW, I believe that MySpace was created when the demon spawn of Satan dipped their bitbucket into the black river of dead HTML, and splashed the contents across a web farm.


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