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Badgers, Badgers, Badgers…

Posted by BPuhl on December 14, 2007

It’s taken a while, but I think we’ve made the final turn towards full enforcement of smart cards for logon for Microsoft Employee’s.  We’ve had a pretty successful pilot for the past few months.

The biggest problem with using your badge to log on though, is that people are always forgetting their badges at home.  This morning, I saw that the receptionists are now handing out these little badger decals to people who need a temp badge to get into the building (I may have added an extra letter):


Of course, seeing the badger on the badge(r), reminded me of badgers, badgers, badgers…MUSHROOM MUSHROOM…

And then Dan threw out the clip from UHF:

So I guess apparently, if you’re looking to enforce smartcards for employees…you really DO need some stinkin’ badgers!


One Response to “Badgers, Badgers, Badgers…”

  1. Laura said

    “BadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerMushroomMushroom!” *repeats until insane*

    Now you’ve done it.

    (And now you’ve also ceased to be the one other techno-weenie on the planet who blogs less frequently than I do. Now it’s just me out here blowing the dust off of my pitiful little blog, thankyouverymuch.)

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