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Start to a perfect day

Posted by BPuhl on November 20, 2007

I usually walk to work.  Well.  Sort of.  What I really do, is I walk from my house up to a near-by Microsoft building (Red West-E) and from there I can catch a shuttle to take me over to my building (115).

This morning, I took off from my house around 8am, and decided to walk up the trail through the park next to my house.  Crystal clear, sunny morning.  Might have been 30 degrees out, but probably not even that much.  Darn cold, but refreshing and nice to see your breath.  Casually making my way up the hill, a jogger passed by coming in the other direction, and then a couple came by walking their dogs with a cheerful “good morning”.  Near the top of the trail, another dog walker was just entering, on his way to wherever he was going.

Then at the top of the of hill, as I came out into the normal “park” area, I saw a woman holding a coffee cup in one hand, and one of those tennis-ball flinging plastic things in the other.  Her two dogs having the time of their life running and chasing the ball that she would launch across the park.

As I walked past, I commented to her that with the sun shining, a warm cup of coffee, a crisp chill in the air, and her two dogs; that she could possibly be having the start to a perfect day.

Of course, as I reached the edge of the park – I got this tiny feeling of guilt.  I wonder if the smile which she returned to my comment, also meant: “yeah, if only people wouldn’t keep walking past me interrupting it”


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